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. . .  a wide range of services that support the development and sustained operation of high performance organizations.

Strategic Planning We emphasize strategic thinking and visioning for your organization's futuredirection in light of its changing external environment and untapped internalcapabilities. We facilitate a planning process that generates a broad understandingof the mission and vision, identifies priority strategic issues, and builds ablueprint for aligning each level of your organization to its strategic goals.

Organization Development
We facilitate your organization's visioning of its preferred future and itsidentification of action strategies for achieving higher performance, usingcritical success indicators for tracking progress in the areas of stakeholdersatisfaction, financial performance, and productivity. We help you to engagekey stakeholders and organization members to support your change initiative,build a change roadmap to implement your strategic plan, and identify keymilestones for measuring your success indicators.

Team Development
We helpyour organization build effective and cohesive teams, leading to highperformance and goal achievement. Our team building approach helps teams tofocus on creating trust, managing conflict, accepting accountability, ensuring commitmentto important decisions and most importantly, obtaining results that supportyour organization's mission and vision.

Leadership Development
We collaborate with new leaders or senior managers - individually and in groups -to ensure their smooth transition into a new organization, transition from oneorganizational level to another, and continued development as a leader. Ourfocus is on helping leaders define a leadership philosophy and values, utilizetheir strengths as a leader, build interpersonal skills, respond to adaptivechallenges, and develop teams necessary for leading an effective organization.

Executive Coaching We offer to our clients a relationship that ispersonal, organization-specific, and focused on results. Governed by theInternational Coach Federation's (ICF) Code of Ethics, our role-based approach(ROBAC™) supports individual leaders and groups in their development andapplication of the vision, attitudes, behaviors, and skills needed foreffective performance in their existing and evolving organizational roles.

Group Facilitation We facilitate small teams orgroups seeking to solve a pressing substantive problem, or to learn to improvetheir group processes over the long term while addressing substantive issues.We employ action learning methodologies and related structured approaches totap creative thinking and introduce new approaches for problem solving,decision-making, and conflict management. We facilitate off-sites and specialpurpose meetings tailored to your particular needs.

Customized Training We employ facilitative training methods that encourage trainees to bring theirexperience and knowledge into the training process as they acquire freshperspectives and information that support high performance in organizationalroles. We tailor our delivery tested curricula for conflict management,strategic and creative thinking, personal accountability, and intercultural anddiversity management to meet your unique organizational requirements, as wellas develop new curricula to address emerging challenges to your organizationaleffectiveness.