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An effective response to the pressures of market-driven changes requires that an organization’s leadership proactively and strategically market the practical benefits and challenges of the change program with its internal and external participants in order to secure their commitment to its success.

Change Management Associates International
offers its clients a personal, organization-specific, results-driven approach to the development and implementation of a strategic internal marketing program to support individual and organization-wide changes.

Our focus ison influencing behaviors within an organization that enhance its  readiness forthe changes to be introduced.

Our objective is toengage the cooperation of all relevant internal and external groups in  supporting the changes to be introduced and institutionalized.

development of internal marketing communications and change management goals and strategies:
    · identification of organizational change objectives
    · assessment of currentchange management and communications activities
    · segmentation andselection of change program participants
    · formulation ofsegment-specific change marketing strategies  

organizational development and management facilitation
   ·senior executive engagement/buy-in to the change marketing program   
   · clarification ofprogram roles and responsibilities
   · program coordinationwith technology development and implementation activities  

internal marketing and change management program implementation
   ·development & monitoring of marketing and change management action plans
   · staff orientation andtraining
   · executive coaching analysis andactionable documentation of plan execution