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Sustained organizational effectiveness within an ever-changing environment requires that an organization’s leadership perceive, understand, and respond to opportunities created by the changes in their own roles and in the larger organization. 

Change Management Associates International offers to its clients executive coaching that is personal, organization-specific, and results-driven.  

Its focus is on supporting individual leadersand groups in their development and application of the vision, attitudes,behaviors, and skills needed for effective performance in their existing andevolving organizationalroles.

Its objective is to enhance the organization’seffectiveness in managing change through the alignment of its executiveleaders’ individual goals and skills with the organization’s overall strategicmission. 

    ·    Clarification of corevalues and professional goals, and their alignment with
            organizational objectives  
    ·    Identification ofobstacles to effective performance, and exploration of options to
            address those obstacles  
    ·    Development of plansof action to achieve personal and professional goals
    ·    Supportof actions taken to achieve performance breakthroughs and reach
            professional milestones

Team coaching:
   ·   Development of ashared mission and goals that motivate team members to
            perform at a high level
   ·   Clarification ofroles to facilitate the capture and coordination of team members’
            varied skillsand experiences
   ·   Facilitation of thedevelopment of a common and collaborative approach to
            managing team processesand relationships
   ·   Encouragementof effective cross-functional collaboration among teams to
            achieveorganizational goals

Change management program design and implementation:
   ·   “Thought partnership”to identify organizational change objectives, and to explore
            differentstrategic approaches to their achievement
   ·   Development &monitoring of action plans to prepare for, manage, and reinforce
            strategicorganizational changes
   ·   Analysisand actionable documentation of plan execution