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Our approach to training design and development is based on a structured approach, and we draw upon several well-known instructional design models. All of these models incorporate these phases: A (Analyze), D (Design), D (Develop), I (Implement), and E (Evaluate); commonly referred to as the ADDIE Process.

In our structured approach to training, we incorporate learning principles guided by theories of adult learning. These theories require using a variety of media and instructional methods to appeal to the learning styles of our participants. Our instructors are skilled in both delivering the training content and following the process required in the course design. Deliberate, well-shaped activities and discussion that heighten the training experience and advance learning are integral to our offerings.  

Our training acknowledges that adults already bring experience, knowledge, and understanding to subjects. Adults learn when they have the opportunity to bring their experience and knowledge into the setting and acquire additional perspectives and information. Learning from each other is part of every training experience. Learning is further heightened when it is experiential, allowing the strongest connection of new information with the self. 

Our instructors employ facilitative training methods consciously chosen and specific to each topic to achieve deeper learning that can be readily applied later. Class discussions encourage knowledge transfer.

In addition to developing new curricula to address emerging challenges to your organizational effectiveness, we currently offer several delivery-tested training courses:

  • Personal Responsibility & Accountability
  • Stress and Conflict Management - Making Choices
  • Creative Thinking
  • 21st Century Strategic Planning