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Change Management Associates International, Inc. (CMAI) was founded in 1999 in Fairfax, Virginia, as a management consulting and executive coaching firm with both international and domestic practice interests.  

Partnership is a fundamental tenet of our approach with clients.  We work with clients in a helping, problem-solving way, not in a prescriptive or directive manner.  Our collaborative approach is directed to enhancing the organizational skills of our clients and empowering them with the capacity to act independently and efficiently. 

CMAI’s organizational development consulting is focused on helping its clients to perceive, understand, and respond to opportunities created by changes in their internal or external environments.  Its approach is collaborative and facilitative – directed to enabling individual managers and groups to work effectively toward the achievement of corporate goals.  We offer our clients a personal, organization-specific, results-driven approach to the development and implementation of a strategic internal change program to support individual and organization-wide changes.

Our focus is on influencing behaviors within an organization that enhance its readiness for the changes to be introduced.

Our objective is to engage the cooperation of all relevant internal and external groups in effecting the changes to be introduced and institutionalized.

CMAI's unique role-based approach to executive coaching (ROBAC) enhances individual performance through its support of executives' identification and effective management of the multiple and often conflicting performance expectations that undermine the achievement of organizational objectives.   In its team coaching, CMAI supplements its role-based approach with an action learning methodology that fosters the mutual trust and individual leadership skills needed to challenge prevailing assumptions and develop creative solutions to pressing organizational problems. 

CMAI is certified as a Small, Woman- and/or Minority-owned ("SWaM") business by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Minority Business Enterprise ("DMBE").